Restructuring for Caring & Effective Education

The Inclusive School

Participants become familiar with the characteristics of inclusionary schools, rationales for change, organizational and instructional strategies to support inclusionary schooling, and successful examples from elementary, middle and high school.

Length: 1-1/2 to 6 hours

“A spellbinding speaker – immediately practical”

Richard Villa is a spellbinding speaker who brings out all the issues of inclusion sharply with humour and in a way that is immediately practical. We learnt so much from him.

Tim Brighouse, Professor
Education Czar, London, England



Leading an Inclusive School- Access and Success for All Students

Leading an Inclusive School

Access and Success for ALL Students offers administrators, teachers, and other educators working to promote inclusion a wealth of information.

The Inclusive Education Checklist A Self-Assessment of Best Practices

The Inclusive Education Checklist

This comprehensive book is designed to assist schools, districts, administrators, policy makers, community members and professionals.