Current Presentations

A 9-Step Best Practice

A 9-Step Best Practice

Best practices for implementing a nine-step process, facilitating meaningful inclusion of students with significant and pervasive support needs.

Restructuring for Caring & Effective Education

Access and Success for All

Learn the characteristics of inclusionary schools, rationales for change, organizational and instructional strategies.

Changing Organizational Cultures

Explore models for systems change, and work out strategies for implementing change in your own organization.



Participants become familiar with the 4 approaches to co-teaching and learn about the benefits and cautions when applying each approach.

Collaborative with Students

Collaborating with Students in Teaching

Explore ways in which students can collaborate with adults to meet the needs of a diverse student body.


Collaborative Teaming

Learn five critical elements of effective collaborative teams, stages of group development as well as an agenda and self-assessment tools.


Cooperative Group Learning

Explore the five critical components of cooperative group learning and explore the role of the teacher.

Presentation Featured Desigin Environments

Designing Environments for Successful Learning

Learn five critical elements of effective collaborative planning teams, four approaches to co-teaching and differentiation strategies.

Differentiating Instruction

Differentiating Instruction

Learn approaches to differentiating the content students learn, the process through which they learn it, and how they demonstrate what they have learned.

Exchanging Dissonance for Harmony

Exchanging Dissonance for Harmony

Explore the relationships among theories of motivation, communication, student behavior and underlying discipline systems.

The Essential Elements of Effective Instruction

The Essential Elements of Effective Instruction

Learn to develop skills in implementing the essential elements of effective instruction through setting objectives and monitoring student progress.

The Five C’s

Learn and practice strategies for effective collaboration, co-teaching, creative problem solving, communication, and conflict resolution.


The Possible Futures of Education

Learn to explore the past, present, and future of education in the United States and discover what has been learned to date.