About Bayridge Consortium, Inc.


“Dr. Villa is great at involving his audience.”

Dr. Villa is great at involving his audience. We had many opportunities to interact and practice what he was presenting. Bravo! He is very good at what he does.

Malisa Jordan


In Association and partnership with a variety of national and international presenters, Bayridge Consortium, Inc. offers:



Program Evaluations
Technical Assistance

From Keynote and half-day presentations to an intensive two week-long institute Bayridge Consortium, Inc. is able to organize and assume programmatic responsibility for your training, consultation, and evaluation needs.

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Fee Structure

All meetings, presentations and webinars are available at the following rates:

  • Single day – $4,500/day
  • Two or more days – $4,000/day
  • Virtual = $750/hour

Please email us at ravillabayridge@cs.com or call us (619-795-3602) to schedule any combination of topics that you like.

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